Key One Services

After years of experience, we divided our services into three categories

  • Consulting and planning
  • Execution and implementation
  • Education
Graphics Consulting
Digital Marketing Consulting
Website Consulting

What services do we offer in the consulting and planning stage?

  • Advice on choosing the right platform

    In the digital world, there are many platforms to offer your services. We will offer you the best one by analyzing your needs.

  • Branding and business development consulting

    In many stages of our business, we need a team to be by our side and with their guidance we can make the best decision for our business and our branding.

  • Graphics consulting

    Another common mistake of businesses is not using their visual content properly and its impact on the audience. Sometimes very short mistakes can seriously damage your brand.

  • Digital marketing consulting

    Obtaining the best result with the lowest cost and measuring it correctly is the dream of every manager, so choose the most optimal way by consulting us.

Design & Develop

Execution and Implementation 

0 to 100 Leave all the steps of your work to us

Marketing and Digital Marketing

Choose the right advertising method, advertising strategy, its methods and how to implement your digital marketing with ease.

Graphics Design

In the graphic section, we have provided you with a wide variety of services. You can see the graphic services on the next page.

Web Design and Develop

For your convenience, we have chosen different packages in simple language so that you can choose the package you need for your website in the best way.


An investment called education

Learn from experts in the field to become an expert.

All our trainings are based on experience and market needs and are also completely practical.

Trainings are held in two forms, in person and online.

  • Personal training
  • Corporate training
Web Design and Web Develop

Full website design training without coding (WordPress) as well as with coding and its principles in the best way and under the training of experienced professors in this field.

Graphics Design Application

Comprehensive training of graphic software for creating and editing images, videos, creating animations, AR content, etc.

Digital Marketing

Complete training of digital marketing departments with the latest and most up-to-date methods of the digital marketing world