About Key One


Who is Key One?

We are an information technology company

Our company is registered in Dubai under the license of the Emirate government.

  • Counseling

    Before doing any activity, you need an experienced team to advise you in the desired field. Key One team is by your side to make the best decision in your field of expertise.

  • Implementation

    After consulting, if needed, the Key One team will be by your side to implement the things that have been concluded for you.

  • Education

    One of the most important needs of teams and individuals is to receive training from people who are experts in that field, therefore the Key One team is by your side to teach you the things you need at the highest level of quality.

Key One name?

Keyvan Mahmood Zeynali Project Management L.L.C.

In the past, we had another company in our country and attracted many customers there
After we came to Dubai and established it, we put this name on our brand at the suggestion of one of our good customers.
Key One.
In fact, the name of the brand is derived from the name of the manager of the collection, which is Keyvan.
That client of ours had saved the name of our manager Keyone and when he realized we were looking for a name for our brand, he suggested that we name ourselves Key One because with us you can be the first in your industry.


Key One

The Key to Success

Specialties of Key One Company

Our constant responsiveness has made every customer refer other customers to us.

You can see all our services from the link below.

Digital Marketing

Experience the planning and implementation of advertising in the digital world with us. Leave your 0 to 100 digital ads to us

Web Design & Develop

The main and most important base in the digital world is the website. Create a new experience of the digital world with us


Before having a good digital marketing, you must have a good marketing. Leave all the planning and execution to us with ease.


Inspire your ideas in the form of media and graphics to your contacts to make them feel and influence them more easily.

Our focus is on the team

Degrees and Certificates

We have always tried to make the people of the group participate in different classes and obtain the certificates and degrees that prove our words.


We have always been trying to ride the wave of technology and train and implement the latest sciences and subjects in Key One Group.

Best Support

Continuous responsiveness makes customers always call our name with promise and commitment.

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